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          Review Of The Day Archive for San Francisco

          • Nicole H. wrote a review for Dandelion Chocolate - Ferry Building

            4.0 star rating

            I eat a lot of dark chocolate, and I'm not sure if it's because they tell you exactly what you're supposed to be tasting in each bar, or whether it's because the beans used in these bars are so different from one another, but you really do taste the flavors they're labeled with!

            Service was friendly and prompt. They had a bunch of samples here, just like they do at their Valencia location.

          • Nova P. wrote a review for Dottie’s True Blue Cafe

            4.0 star rating

            Unless you are an early riser, I recommend to add yourself on a waitlist available through Yelp to avoid a long wait. While I used that option we ended up waiting nearly an hour as they won't seat unless your entire party is there. The waiting experience was excruciating but the food and live jazz band made up for it.

            There were quite a number of specials and sweet baked treat options. My group all ordered their own savory dish and split one pancake between four (it's large). I picked the delicious black bean cake breakfast which was a nice vegetarian option. The 上海快3走势图 red potatoes were cooked perfectly. I washed it down with a nice brut rose. I also had a helping of my friend's French toast and bacon, both were worth the extra calories!

            The one disappointing item agreed by my group was the grilled cheddar cornbread. I didn't taste much cheddar and it was dry. Perhaps it was just the batch we got. Overall we were quite satisfied with our food, ambiance and chill music for a Sunday brunch.

          • Katie Y. wrote a review for Liholiho Yacht Club

            5.0 star rating

            WOW. I wasn't sure what to expect here considering I'm not a huge fan of most fusion food (it's usually too American-ized). We made this reservation the maximum days in advance (in the morning, because they usually fill up by the middle/end of the day) and got a spot on a Monday evening. We were early for our reservation but the party occupying our table hung out for awhile, so we didn't get seated until 10m or so past our designated time.

            The restaurant decor is beautiful, but the layout is funky. The main pathway between the tables and the bar when you're walking towards the back is just slightly too narrow for two people to walk by each other at the same time. The bathroom is down a set of stairs. The kitchen design is open, and situated near the back of the restaurant.

            We were so excited to come here, we ordered as many things as possible:

            - tuna poke - wow. tuna was high quality and that nori cracker was something I've never had before. It was thick but incredibly crisp/crunchy, I imagine it's hard to get it to be this texture
            - beef tongue - their version of bao, not a huge fan and probably wouldn't order again. The flavor and texture of the tongue just wasn't working for me.
            - yellowtail sashimi - very similar to what I expected but also very delicious, might order again
            - tuna belly - I somehow was expecting this to come out cold and raw. It came out hot and cooked so my expectations were misaligned with reality. It seemed like high quality tuna but I'm not a huge fan of cooked tuna.. unless it's a tuna salad sandwich :).
            - scallops - absolutely delicious, the entire dish was not only beautifully presented, but unique and inventive, with an array of textures that was absolutely delightful
            - roasted octopus - eh, it was fine
            - spam (hidden menu) - I've never had 上海快3走势图made spam before and this was well worth it. It tasted like kielbasa sausage and was so packed with flavor. Don't go here without trying this.
            - manila clams - one of the best dishes we ordered. The sauce that it's in is similar to a Thai soup/curry and is delectable. The naan it comes with is surprisingly some of the best naan I've never had (it tastes 上海快3走势图made, it's so ridiculously soft). I'm not a huge clam person but we ordered this because one of my friends is.. and I would absolutely order this again.
            - beef ribs - again, not a huge fan of ribs but wow, these were tender, flavorful and this is another must-try on the menu.

            For desert, we had that pineapple thing that everyone gets. It was good, but nothing amazing - we were also stuffed at this point, we overordered (no regrets) since we only had 3 people and ordered all the dishes above... service was great, in addition.

            This place is insanely hard to get in to, and definitely on the expensive side, but worth a visit if you can get in. Just plan in advance.

          • Hana H. wrote a review for Supreme

            5.0 star rating

            You got to line up. It's Supreme. What are you expecting? If you can't wake up in the morning and cop the drop you like in 10 seconds online. Then you have to wait in line and wish for good luck. Stop complaining. Don't want to line up? Go to the mall. You really want certain drop? Go to eBay. It's blessed enough no need to go to LA.

            If you are not big into Supreme. Just want to check it out because it's super famous. Avoid Thursday and Friday.

            Staffs are friendly. Be nice and be polite to them. Don't lose your manner from waiting.

            Yeah it's in a bad neighborhood. That's the charm of San Francisco. Deal with it.

            ( Actually their LA location is way worse than SF. The amount of hustling and harassing people do near LA Supreme store make SF tenderloin looks like a beautiful place with beautiful people )

            ( This location is great. Supreme is more than a street fashion and skateboard brand. It's a culture, a game and a belief. Market street is a wonderful area for Supreme. Perfect amount chaos and vivid living breath. If you can't deal with this then... what else I can say? Go to mall. )

            ( Tenderloin is the essential of SF. Stop hating this neighborhood. I love it. Very iconic location for Supreme to open. Good choice )

          • Samantha F. wrote a review for Sun and Moon

            5.0 star rating

            New Thai spot in SOMA area with a open space with plenty of sunlight from the abundance of windows lining the wall.

            My BFF and I came here on a Thurs night and there was no wait. They have a traditional Thai items on the menu along with unique items. We ordered two dishes based on the servers recommendations and were both very satisfied with what we ate:
            - Yum Moon and Goong: a salad with crispy pork belly, sliced apples, prawns and nuts. This dish has the perfect marriage of textures and flavors, from crispy, to crunchy, sweet, spicy and refreshing.
            - Crab fried Rice: served on a whole young coconut! They do not skim out on the crab and add plenty of eggs. Wasn't overly oily or salty. Awesome dish!
            PS: their fruit infused water is effin DELICIOUS.

            Mind readers! Before I was able to ask if we can move to a different table away from the direct sunlight - the server offered. Before I can ask if they can remove the humongous weave basket the fried rice came in; the server offered. Before I can ask for a water refill, the server offered. And need I say more about asking for the bill?

            Very spacious and bright and hip. The only complaint I have is that the space lacks circulation and can be a bit stuffy.

            Would return for other items!

          • Leah E. wrote a review for Underdogs Too

            5.0 star rating

            I JUST MOVED TO SF AND THIS IS A 4 MINUTE WALK FROM MY HOUSE... dreams do come true.

            Happy Hour M-F from 4-6 $4 margaritas (fresh squeezed limes) $3 tecate and $2 tacos. They also have a late night happy hour Tuesday-Saturday 10:30 pm- 12 am.

            The meat is top quality and the portions are insane.

            I recently ordered pollo asado nachos and they could've fed 4 people.

            I've also had the carnitas and carne asada tacos and it is hard to choose which meat is my favorite.

            They have a super spicy salsa that you have to ask for and it's FIRE!

            *Nicks Way is a crunchy and soft shell taco that includes cheese and guacamole. One is a whole meal by itself.

            The Baja fish taco is hands down the best I've ever had.

            All the bartenders here are legit and there's a steady flow of patrons and to go orders.

            They have a special Saturday/Sunday brunch menu that begins at 9 am and I can't wait to check it out!

          • Corinna T. wrote a review for Vintage Cafe

            4.0 star rating

            If you're looking for a bougey brunch with amazing aesthetic, look no further. Food and decor are instaworthy here, and the location is nestled in of course, the Marina district.

            This is U Story's second restaurant, the first being a dessert house located in the Mission. They serve brunch AND dessert here.

            Reservations are recommended through Yelp because weekends get crowded.

            -omurice: an omelette that oozes with sauce and rice inside

            -crepe cakes: flavors rotate, but I've tried the Thai tea and coconut one

            -hojicha latte: served hot, and in a chalice

            I took a girlfriend here for her birthday, and she was happy.

            Happy brunching!

          • Denise C. wrote a review for Noe Valley Bakery - West Portal

            4.0 star rating

            I have walked by Noe Valley Bakery at times and wanted to try it. They have a variety of pastries that look nice, but seem manufactured. I don't know the story behind this bakery, but it's appealing. It's expensive and a tad bit overpriced. I decided to have a late lunch savory quiche with a small salad. The quiche was to be lorraine, but I got the veggie instead because they ran out. Getting through the line was a bit confusing, but they are nice and helpful. It's a neat spot in West Portal. The quiche was a good snack before afternoon movie.

          • Emily T. wrote a review for Golden Gate Bakery

            5.0 star rating

            Fluffy flaky butter crust and a creamy eggy filling! I honestly love their egg tarts!

            2.75 per egg tart or 33 for a dozen. They package them in pink boxes for you if you get the dozen.

            The last time I came they were freshly made and super yummy! Coming later in the day on the weekday there was barely any line!

          • Joanna S. wrote a review for Super Duper Burgers

            5.0 star rating

            Super Duper is my go-to hamburger spot in the City. It's so consistently good. I usually order the mini-burger with avocado. It's melt-in-you-mouth umami delicious. The garlic fries are also super!

            If I didn't have lactose intolerance, I'd definitely have more milkshakes and soft serve. When I crave it, I usually take a lactase pill because it's really that good. Order the Oreo shake or chocolate dipped soft serve.

            This restaurant is conveniently located in the Metreon near the AMC movie theater, Target, and Yerba Buena Gardens. There are also plenty of parking garages in the area.