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        1. Photo by Sharon H.

          Find the Best Businesses in Town

          Hot & New Businesses

          3.0 star rating
          5 reviews
          Desserts, Cupcakes, Custom Cakes
          Near North Side, River East

          Opened 4 weeks ago

          4.5 star rating
          6 reviews
          Near North Side

          Opened 6 weeks ago

          3.5 star rating
          7 reviews
          Bubble Tea, Ramen, Sushi Bars
          University Village

          Opened 6 weeks ago

          The Local Yelp

          Support local, stay safe, and work out all in one

          Last week, we shared a Collection of spots offering local delivery. This week, we’re connecting you with Chicago businesses offering online workouts. Keep this Collection handy, and we’ll continue to update it regularly to make sure you have the most current info in your area. Be well and stay safe, everyone.

          The Local Yelp

          Official Yelp Event

          Stay In + Support Chicago

          Our hearts go out to Chicago, as well as everyone worldwide, during this coronavirus pandemic. The scope of this has been massive, and it has affected everyone in a myriad of ways. But Chicago is resilient, and we can work together to support each other through this uncertain time. Below are some ways how we can specifically give back to our local businesses, the backbone of our community. #StayInSupportChicago ************************************************************************************************************* INSPIRE OTHERS TO SUPPORT OUR BUSINESSES In true Yelper fashion, we hope you'll join us in spreading the word about your favorite local businesses. Have you supported a local business via delivery, carryout or virtual services during this national emergency? Share your experiences on their Yelp page. You can also help businesses by updating hours and marking them as temporarily closed on Yelp. BUSINESS OWNER RESOURCES *Please share and help educate our business owner community. Coronavirus (COVID-19) resource hub for businesses: bit.ly/YelpResourceHub. Relief for restaurants and bars impacted by coronavirus: bit.ly/yelprelief. Updating your Yelp page: changes in hours, temporary closures, and take-out/delivery options: bit.ly/YelpUpdates. Yelp + GoFundMe team up to help businesses raise funds: bit.ly/YelpGFM. ************************************************************************************************************* LOCAL YELP DELIVERY OFFERS * Yelp's delivery partner, GrubHub, is deferring commission fees for impacted independent restaurants. This includes all delivery orders made through Yelp. Find a restaurant to order from here: https://www./search?find_desc=delivery. * Stay safe and get groceries delivered to your front door! Imperfect Foods is on a mission to build a better food system for everyone. They offer imperfect (yet delicious) produce, surplus pantry items, and quality eggs and dairy. They deliver customizable groceries right to your doorstep and prices are up to 30% cheaper than grocery store prices. Hungry? Order and use code YELPELITE for 35% off your first two boxes. https://www.imperfectfoods.com/ * Enjoy $15 off your first order from Minibar Delivery, and get wine, liquor, beer, and mixers delivered right to your door in as little as 30-60 minutes. Minibar Delivery partners specifically with local liquor stores. Use code YELPCHI to get $15 off your first order via bit.ly/YelpMinibarDelivery Legal: Offer is valid for first Minibar Delivery order only. Cannot be combined with another offer. Minimum order of $25, though may change depending on the city, and maximum discount of $15. Expires 1/31/21 at 11:59pm EST ************************************************************************************************************* YELP COLLECTIONS OF RESOURCES Chicago Restaurants Offering Delivery/Take-Out Now! - https://www./collection/0BWPAC_cLdXIGT2H0mzztQ?sort_by=alpha Chicago Restaurants Offering Online Gift Certificates - https://www./collection/pk7fp22osFTDc6rqHBwUgg?sort_by=alpha Don't miss a beat! A collection of local gyms offering online workouts - https://www./collection/d_CAT4ujo5_DFLYuKU79SA?sort_by=alpha Chicago Non-Profit Organizations/Charities offering help to those affected by the Coronavirus - https://www./collection/dKD7ONsSkq2pqeW3cDPynA?sort_by=alpha Do you have a business to add (or remove) to a Collection? Send your CM Alex C a DM or email chicago@ ************************************************************************************************************* CONNECT WITH US #StayInSupportChicago Instagram: @yelpchicago Facebook: facebook.com/yelpchicago Twitter: @yelpchicago Questions or suggestions? Email Alex C, Yelp Chicago Community Manager, at chicago@.

          Wed, Mar 25, 12:00 am - Wed, Apr 22, 12:00 am

          Review of the Day

          Mike G.
          Wrote a review for
          Review of the Day
          5.0 star rating

          AWESOME experience here! Everyone should experience Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar at least once in their life. My girlfriend and I wanted to try their Boystown location for awhile now but when I saw that they had just opened in China上海快3走势图town, we both were extremely excited since it's much closer to where I live. We went on a Saturday night and expected a long wait. Turns out we were right! Thankfully, the Yelp Waitlist came t... Continue reading

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