The Best 10 Food in San Francisco, CA

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  • Pasta Pop-Up

    (415) 433-5800

    550 Green St

    North Beach/Telegraph Hill

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    “My first yelp review ever written but I had to write about this fantastic place!! Not only is the atmosphere great and the food amazing, but their staff is so personable! They made…” more

    Offers reservations

  • Yes Pudding

    (415) 702-7467

    Bayview-Hunters Point

    Locally sourced ingredients
    Catering service

    “Yes Pudding is a dessert business where we create a variety of puddings. We started with Banana Pudding and now it has evolved to everything pudding. Our goal is to mimic traditional…” more

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  • Chicken as Cluck

    (415) 670-0428

    1760 Cesar Chavez St

    Potrero Hill

    Vegetarian friendly
    Healthy dining

    “The avacado fries were soo bomb, fresh and crispy, and the chicken bites were super spicy but unique tasting. They were good! This is a delivery place which…” more

    Offers takeout and delivery

  • Dokkaebier

    (415) 625-3203

    1735 Polk St

    Nob Hill

    Locally owned & operated
    Locally sourced ingredients
    • Opened 2 months ago

    Offers takeout and delivery

  • BobaBunni

    (415) 702-6122

    402 Balboa St

    Inner Richmond

    • Opened 6 weeks ago

    Offers takeout and delivery

  • Amitis Café

    (415) 563-2828

    800 Masonic Ave


    “This place has good poke bowls. I could probably just leave it at that. They also have good sushi burrito options. I'm more of a poke bowl enthusiast. The…” more

    Offers takeout and delivery

  • Hot Sauce and Panko

    (415) 359-1908

    1468 Hyde St

    Nob Hill

    “It literally gets no better than HS&P! The family of wang slayers are always ready to serve you Wednesday-Sunday, with mouth watering, & numbing wings that…” more

  • Leonore’s Deli & Taqueria

    (415) 872-5951

    601 VAN Ness Ave


    Offers takeout and delivery

  • Limoncello

    (415) 638-6361

    1400 Sutter St

    Lower Pacific Heights

    “This place is GREAT. My boyfriend and I live a few blocks away and come here all the time. The owner is the best, sweetest man ever. And he definitely knows…” more

    Offers takeout and delivery

  • Cool Cravings

    (415) 771-4900

    1635 Divisadero St

    Lower Pacific Heights

    “Stopped in for smoothies this morning I got their "why eat" smoothie with Greek yogurt which was perfection- very fresh and satisfying Staff was wonderful too…” more

    Offers takeout and delivery

  • Palmetto Superfoods

    202 Clement St

    Inner Richmond

    Healthy dining

    “Great neighborhood, great interior, and most importantly, great açaí bowls! I'm no expert on what constitutes a good açaí bowl, but Palmetto blew me away. It…” more

    Offers takeout and delivery

  • Cinderella Bakery & Cafe

    (415) 751-9690

    436 Balboa St

    Inner Richmond

    “Man!!! They're food is so good. Me and my girlfriend who works close by and who use to live close by decided to take me here on her lunch. We ordered the…” more

    Offers takeout and delivery

  • Kitchen Keto

    Bayview-Hunters Point

    “My lovey wife and I have been here a couple of times. We love their food... fresh, fresh, fresh! Good folks work there, nice atmosphere. Yeah... go, you'll…” more

    Offers delivery

  • Breadbelly

    (415) 349-0969

    1408 Clement St

    Inner Richmond

    “Breadbelly is kind of pricey but it's also one of my favourite ways to spend too much money. For a while I only got the Kaya toast, then I branched out into…” more

  • Lou’s Cafe

    (415) 379-4429

    5017 Geary Blvd

    Inner Richmond

    “Thank you , Lou's, for caring about first responders!! They are offering deals for first responders during COVID! I got a free sandwich! As a registered…” more

  • The Italian Homemade Company

    (415) 712-8874

    716 Columbus Ave

    Russian Hill

    “Have been to this outlet twice since it is at a walkable distance from Fisherman's Wharf. Ravioli is a must have for me. Gnocchi and Vegetable Lasagna in…” more

  • Saucy Asian

    (415) 834-5555

    3801 17th St


    “Ordered from doordash twice now and both times have been amazing. I ordered the bibimbap bowl and it tasted as good as it looks! I also ordered the fries and…” more

  • The Italian Homemade Company

    (415) 655-9325

    1919 Union St

    Marina/Cow Hollow

    “I came here twice and it's been amazing by far each time! If you come on the weekends, especially weekend night like Saturday, then expect the line to be out…” more

  • Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie

    (510) 780-0300

    Serving San Francisco and the Surrounding Area

    “This spot is everything that the reviews made me expect, but faster! The porchetta sandwich is a perfect combination of textures and flavor. It wasn't too…” more

  • New England Lobster Market & Eatery

    “COVID-19 Restaurant Update They have a cleverly made drive-thru that winds you thru their parking lot so you can place your order, pay and the pick-up at…” more

  • Top Round Roast Beef

    (415) 780-3811

    2962 24th St


    “O.G Roast Beef. The OG should stand for Oh my God this is the best roast beef sandwich! I had some high expectations and I was not let down. I got some O.G…” more

    Offers takeout and delivery

  • Arizmendi Bakery

    (415) 566-3117

    1331 9th Ave

    Inner Sunset

    “My husband and I will take a morning walk/ run and go to Arizmendi once in a while for breakfast. The pizza and focaccia is so fresh and delious.” more

  • Amal’s Deli

    (415) 626-7457

    1416 Haight St

    The Haight

    “If you get the Kafta: 10/10 If you get the Kafta and mama made it: 11/10 This place is one of the best places that still exists in San Francisco. Fresh food +…” more

    Offers takeout and delivery

  • Mr East Kitchen

    (415) 658-7335

    276 Fifth St


    “This place is a very cute little Vietnamese shop, where the interior is lined with plants and cute things, and the whole atmosphere screams TRENDY! It makes me…” more

  • Señor Sisig

    (855) 747-4455


    “Best Filipino sisig food truck!!! My go to whenever I'm downtown for something fast and on the go. I love the California sisig burrito. I switch from the…” more

  • Vixi

    (415) 842-4921

    3611 California St

    Laurel Heights

    “Best pasta in my life Free bread and sauce with meals - AMAZING A bit pricey but entirely worth it for the portions and how incredible the meal is Every pasta…” more

    Offers delivery

  • Devil’s Teeth Baking

    (628) 280-1974

    3619 Balboa St

    Outer Richmond

    • Opened 2 months ago

  • Yummy Dumpling

    (415) 753-9308

    1708 Irving St

    Inner Sunset

    “This place is open for business. Note the change in hours. Closed Monday and Tuesday. I often buy freshly made vegan dumplings here. They are as good as…” more

  • Pye

    (415) 830-4660


    “Pye is lyfe! Butter chicken pie was delicious from the buttery and flakey crust that had a nice bit of chewiness to the yummy savory filling. And so easy to…” more

  • Bean Bag Cafe

    (415) 563-3634

    601 Divisadero St

    Alamo Square

    “I almost don't want to write this review bc Bean Bag is hard enough to snag a table at, but it deserves all my praise!!! Want to go to brunch but... don't…” more

    Offers takeout and delivery

  • Good Mong Kok Bakery

    (415) 397-2688

    1039 Stockton St


    “Delicious Cantonese dimsum at very reasonable prices. Only downsides are (1) cash only and (2) the lines can get long, especially on the weekends. Two of us…” more

  • Jane on Fillmore

    (415) 931-5263

    2123 Fillmore St

    Pacific Heights

    “A pretty nice brunch place in this area of SF -- the food was pretty good (according to the cashier: they really know how to make salads). I got the breakfast…” more

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  • Asian American Food Company

    (415) 665-6617

    2048 Taraval St


    “This place feels like a secret society. Knock three times on the first freezer and pat your head twice for lamb dumplings. Knock twice on the second freezer and then make 4 clicking…” more

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