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          The Best 10 Restaurants in San Francisco, CA

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          • Sponsored Results

          • The Ramen Bar

            (415) 684-1570

            101 California St

            Financial District

            “I must say I had pretty low expectations for the Ramen Bar after reading all of the meh reviews. But considering how close it is to my office, I had to give it a shot. Here's a…” more

          • RAW Sugar Factory

            (415) 872-6988

            525 Valencia St


            Delivery during COVID-19
            Takeout during COVID-19
            • Make an Online Reservation

            “I came here for my birthday with one of my friends. I was so excited to try it after looking at pictures on yelp and reading great reviews. However, we arrived 30 minutes prior to…” more

            Offers reservations

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • All Results

          • Marufuku Ramen SF

            (415) 872-9786

            Located in Japan Center

            Lower Pacific Heights

            “This place lives up to the hype! I picked this place out since I was craving ramen and wanted to get lunch with some friends. Luckily, they offer the Yelp…” more

          • Dokkaebier

            (415) 625-3203

            1735 Polk St

            Nob Hill

            Locally owned & operated
            Locally sourced ingredients
            • Opened 2 months ago

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • Burma Superstar

            (415) 387-2147

            309 Clement St

            Inner Richmond

            Gift cards during COVID-19
            Delivery during COVID-19

            “Highlights: Rainbow Salad, Chili Lamb, and coconut rice I regret not coming here sooner. I went to school in SF for 3 years and it took a visit to a friend to…” more

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • Chicken as Cluck

            (415) 670-0428

            1760 Cesar Chavez St

            Potrero Hill

            Vegetarian friendly
            Healthy dining

            “The avacado fries were soo bomb, fresh and crispy, and the chicken bites were super spicy but unique tasting. They were good! This is a delivery place which…” more

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • Mama Liang’s

            (415) 237-6529

            60 Morris St

            Mission Bay

            Offers delivery

          • Daeho Kalbijjim & Beef Soup

            (415) 563-1388

            1620 Post St


            “I almost hate it when the hype lives up to the name. Dang it. But it was so good. I came here with an out-of-town friend, when neither of us were particularly…” more

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • Fog Harbor Fish House

            (415) 421-2442

            Pier 39

            Fisherman's Wharf

            “Truly amazing...the waitress was super nice and offered a lot of explanations since we're so indecisive. MUST order any dish with dungeness crab, they gave you…” more

            Offers reservations

          • Aria Korean Street Food

            (415) 292-6914

            932 Larkin St

            Lower Nob Hill

            Vegan friendly

            “Wow. I ordered the fried chicken from doordash and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought the flavoring on the wings was good but ended up adding more hot sauce…” more

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • Hinodeya Ramen Bar

            (415) 757-0552

            1737 Buchanan St


            “We came here two days straight, and that's how good the ramen is!! We basically tried every single ramen dish on the menu except the Zen Ramen. The Ramens:…” more

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • The Bird

            (415) 872-9825

            115 New Montgomery St

            Financial District

            “The true definition of 'fast' food... ordered, went to fill my soda and my name was called. I had a chicken sandwich which was loaded with crispy moist…” more

          • Anchor Oyster Bar

            (415) 431-3990

            579 Castro St


            “Even after coming here for the first time over 8 years ago, I still love coming here. If you love seafood this place is a must try, just be prepared for a wait…” more

          • Dumpling Time

            (415) 525-4797

            11 Division St

            “My friend and I were looking for a new dip sum place to try and stumbled upon Dumpling Time in SOMA. Be prepared to add your name to a list and wait outside…” more

          • Cafe De Casa

            (415) 829-7915

            3985 17th St


            • Opened 7 weeks ago

          • Mensho Tokyo

            (415) 800-8345

            672 Geary St

            Lower Nob Hill

            “MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE RAMEN SPOT IN THE BAY AREA! For a gal that has been to Japan and a bunch of different ramen spots in the bay, this has to be hands down…” more

          • QingShu

            (415) 702-6255

            816 Irving St

            Inner Sunset

            “Interesting concept! Given that I've had malatang in China上海快3走势图 before, I knew how it worked: 1. Grab a basket and select the ingredients you'd like in your soup 2.…” more

          • Nopa

            (415) 864-8643

            560 Divisadero St

            Alamo Square

            “I have been wanting to come here for awhile now, and was finally able to last night. The space is cool; it has an upscale hipster SF vibe which is cool if…” more

          • Jordan’s Kitchen

            “First off, this is my first ever review. I am going out of my way to type this elaborate review just because I love this place, the experience, Jordan, and his…” more

          • Kokkari Estiatorio

            (415) 981-0983

            200 Jackson St

            Financial District

            “***** This is a ten star restaurant. I love everything here on the menu. My favorite is the chicken. I also love the whole fish selections and the pit is…” more

          • Hog Island Oyster Co
            Gift cards during COVID-19
            Shipping during COVID-19

            “If you want fresh oysters then come here. If you have a small party you can walk up to the bar for a quick brunch or dinner.” more

          • Manna

            20. Manna


            (415) 665-5969

            845 Irving St

            Inner Sunset

            “Loved the food!! It was so good. My yam noodles(glass noodles) were delicious and my friends pork was yummy. The veggie pancake with the sauce was a really…” more

          • Woodhouse Fish 上海快3走势图

            (415) 437-2722

            1914 Fillmore St

            Lower Pacific Heights

            “I have never dined in at this location, since I live closer to the Market & 14th location...but I have gotten take-out from here many times, in large part…” more

          • The Front Porch

            (415) 695-7800

            65 29th St

            Bernal Heights

            “I made brunch reservations 2 weeks prior to the Sunday of Valentine's weekend. Unfortunately, I had to push back our reservations, and it was pretty seamless…” more

            Offers takeout and delivery

            Offers reservations

          • Volcano

            (415) 752-7671

            5454 Geary Blvd

            Outer Richmond

            “My go to Japanese curry that hits the spot everytime I go. Make sure you come a little early to secure parking as parking could be a little tough. Worth the…” more

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • Inle Burmese Cuisine

            (415) 374-7378

            1298 Church St

            Noe Valley

            “Came into Inle on a random weekday evening and loved the cozy and intimate setting inside. We have lots of Burmese spots we love in the city and wouldn't say…” more

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • Lucky Pig

            (415) 999-2628

            791 O'farrell St


            “Budae Jjigae - Also called as army stew, the soup was so much flavorful. It has all the best things in life like the SPAM, sausages, enoki mushrooms and the…” more

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • um.ma

            (415) 566-5777

            1220 9th Ave

            Inner Sunset

            “This is probably a spot where you need to be selective about what you order, as some items might be misses. Stick to the classic stuff, like the Korean Fried…” more

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • Dumpling House

            (415) 829-2789

            335 Noe St


            “Nothing to complain about. Great food, quick service & they use waitlist. Pork & cabbage dumps Shrimp & leek dumps Bean paste noods BBQ pork buns Green…” more

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • Mahila

            (628) 867-3570

            1320 Castro St

            Noe Valley

            Women-owned & operated

            “More like a 3.5, but nothing horribly wrong with the experience so rounding up to 4 :) I'm not the biggest fan of Malaysian food, but my friend would not stop…” more

          • What The Cluck

            (415) 702-6777

            1782 Haight St

            The Haight

            “Yoooo what the cluck??? This place is incredible. The service was very fast and friendly. The food was surprisingly delicious and high quality. Clean…”