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          • $$ Korean
            3814 Noriega St
            San Francisco, CA 94122
            5.0 star rating

            Love their spam kimchee noodles! It comes in this big pan and omg it's amazing.

            Also try their garlic cheese Fries!
            Make sure you come in a bit early right after they opened as they tend to be super packed!!

          • 320 Bush St
            San Francisco, CA 94104
            3.0 star rating

            Came here to meet some friends for a quick lunch while catching up. Place is a little bit disorganized and dirty but I feel like that's something to be expected especially with it's busy atmosphere.

            Small place for more then 3-4 different restaurant inside. Better find a spot immediately or you're gonna end up eating while standing up (unless you get it to go or you prefer seating with strangers in cramped tables)

          • 1602 Ocean Ave
            Santa Monica, CA 90401
            5.0 star rating
            • 1 check-in

            Went here several years ago and just wanted to leave a positive review.

            I spent my birthday here and had a great time! Was able to find out that I'm allergic to oysters! LMAO!

            Great place and definitely would come back again

          • 430 Broadway St
            San Francisco, CA 94133
            5.0 star rating

            Ok. First of all, I l realized that I didn't leave a review about this place. I'm such an idiot for not remembering as I have recommended this place to so many friends and family.

            This place is amazing, the atmosphere, the staff and overall food. I'm a very simple guy so I tend to over appreciate the little things that makes me feel content and my friends happy.

            I went here with a lot of my coworkers to do a little team appreciation event and we had such a blast. It was nerve wrecking trying to rush because I believe they do their last seating by 9:00 or 9:30p (correct me if I'm wrong) and I didn't want to lose our spot.

            Again, when this whole CoVid-19 is over. Expect me to be back!

          • 23rd St & Treat Ave
            San Francisco, CA 94110
            5.0 star rating

            After a 15 miles bike ride around the city, a good friend introduced me to this place!

            Amazing spot! And right off the bat, the workers converses with you like you guys have known each other for years! They make you feel welcomed and that's I think one of the most important traits of working in food service.

            I got a regular burrito with pollo asado and that was a amazing. I had to eat half because the portion was too big for me but I got to enjoy the other half after another 10 miles of bike ride so it was worth it.

            Heard the tacos are amazing too so I'll try that next time.

          • 500 Divisadero St
            San Francisco, CA 94117
            5.0 star rating

            Who doesn't like Motown Monday's?

            Place is always packed when it comes to Motown Monday's (which i always go to) not only that but they're also packed with new art here and there so it's always nice to look around while dancing and enjoying your beverage (assuming, you're not hammered at this point)

            Check it out.

          • 2243 Mission St
            San Francisco, CA 94110
            5.0 star rating

            I love the staff, I love the ambiance, I love the food, the drink and I love hanging out with friends here.

            I work at a restaurant and bar industry so I know how difficult it is to stay on top of your game with lots of people at the bar but man they keep good conversations going everytime I'm here.

            Guess you'll be seeing me come back here more often.

            Comment from Ant L. of Lupulandia Brewing
            Business Customer Service
            4/3/上海快3走势图 We're proud to have won over the support of a fellow restaurant industry professional, Adrian! Our… Read more
          • 3620 Balboa St
            San Francisco, CA 94121
            5.0 star rating
            • 1 check-in

            I've been going to this place for 10 years+ it's been my go to since middle school, high school, college and now.

            I'm am not that adventurous when it comes to trying out new things so whenever I feel undecided, I know purple kow will always hit the spot.


          • 227 Lake Merced Blvd
            Daly City, CA 94015
            5.0 star rating
            • 2 check-ins

            This is my go to spot with my friends for the last 3-4 years now and I never had any complaints.

            I've seen reviews about how slow the service is and how ridiculous certain complaints about employee errors.

            First, this place is busy; busy means lots of people, lots of people means lots of orders, lots of order means long wait. What do people expect? These guys are working their ass of to ensure everyone gets taken care of so order your food and wait.

            Second, errors are errors. If they make a mistake go up to them and let them know, and the tendency is they will give you more wings! Communicate.

            Working at a restaurant/bar and having experiences In Fast food for more than 10+ years, it's frustrating how inconsiderate people are and that's not them to blame. Maybe they're not used to it or maybe they're just entitled, who knows? But these guys are the realest! The people that's been here ya been the same people for the last several years and I'm glad they are. Maybe there's new people here and there but they're all amazing.

            Great wings and fries as usual and it's been a tradition for my friends and I to go here and I do not regret any single time I've been here. Check it out and decide for yourself.

          • 2439 Lombard St
            San Francisco, CA 94123
            5.0 star rating

            Last minute decision to go here after my barber cancelled on me (again, after several times) whom I've been with for almost three years.

            I've been skeptic on getting my hair done by others because of how demanding my hair could be as it is very thick as well as how embarrassing my scalp issue is.

            Coming in this salon was one of the best ideas I've done and I couldn't be happier. They welcomed me in very enthusiastically and made me feel as comfortable as possible. I told them that I just want to clean the sides and back and trim the top and that's what they did.

            The whole experience was just overall pleasant with conversations here and there as well as questions for any other adjustments.

            I've been to many places but this is definitely my new spot now.

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