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          • 2723 Oakdale Ave
            San Francisco, CA 94124
            5.0 star rating
            1/30/上海快3走势图 Updated review
            • 1 check-in

            And they deliver in SF! Still only Tuesday-Thursday 11:30-3pm. They waive the delivery fee for 4+ orders. They were right on time for my said time. Food freshly cooked and still warm

            5.0 star rating
            1/16/上海快3走势图 Previous review
            Ever since the guys & I got back from Thailand for the bestie's bachelor party, I've been on a khao… Read more
          • 5.0 star rating

            I read mixed reviews on this place, but after looking at pictures of the venue, exploring the menu, and corresponding with their event manager Natasha, I got the impression it would still be a good place for my party. I hosted my work holiday party on the 2nd floor in the back mezzanine. It was exactly what we were looking for as far as standing/sitting space for mingling, tv to watch the game with a large menu of drinks and bar bites. My coworkers enjoyed it. There was a large beer, wine, and cocktail selection. I had preordered pork sliders, ceviche, arancini, and smoked wings. For a party of 20, they kept it refilled throughout the night. They were all okay. My personal favorite were the arancini balls and wings. The arancini was cooked nicely without being oily and soggy. The wings were moist, succulent, and a flavor not of your typical bbq or buffalo wings. There was a light smokiness to it. I wasn't a fan of the pork sliders. Overly sweet and dry bread. The ceviche was okay, but of course I'd prefer having it at a peruvian restaurant. What impressed me most was the service. For a party of 20+ slightly inebriated people, she still managed to keep our drinks coming and even on 10 separated tabs. She was extremely helpful, reliable, friendly, quick, and attentive. I know we stayed a little past our reserved time, but not once did she remind us or was rude about it which I greatly appreciate. She even remembered which cards belonged to who. I wish I remembered her name, but she really helped keep my party running smooth and my guests happy

          • 405 Broadway
            Millbrae, CA 94030
            4.0 star rating
            • 2 check-ins

            Did I really just wait 15 minutes for a fluffy pancake that I finished in less than 5 minutes?

            YES, but I rather wait here than stand in line, wait an hour for a ticket, then wait again to receive it with the other lucky, but limited patrons.

            Cute little place located in downtown Millbrae where all the other little shops and eateries are. Growing selection of boba drinks and pancakes. I came here several months ago. Just went back again this week. Service was much faster and food still delicious. I've already tried all the flavors of pancakes considering I've been here with the boyfriend, family, and friends. My personal favorite was the salted cheese and boba, but everything is worth trying once.

          • 407 Broadway
            Millbrae, CA 94030
            3.0 star rating

            I really wanted to like this place, but I left feeling unimpressed. Let's blame the boyfriend for choosing on date night. Only saving grace was the friendly service & uni souffle next door for desert. Given that it was Millbrae, I wasn't expecting the best, but just a little better than what we received. I rather drive down to San Mateo or up into the city

            We had an order of grilled saba, amaebi, deluxe chirashi, and omakase. The saba was cooked nicely and amaebi was sweet. However, there was nothing deluxe about the chirashi. Just thin, small, warm slices of sashimi over decent sushi rice. The omakase was not what I was expecting at all. Very basic. Nothing special. Maybe I'm just spoiled from other places or ordered the wrong things? Definitely won't be coming back again.

          • 406 Dewey Blvd
            San Francisco, CA 94116
            5.0 star rating

            The boyfriend and I came in here on a Monday night. There were 3 other parties. We made reservations, but I don't think it would have been necessary to. Its located across from Laguna Honda next to the Forest Hill station next to a couple of other shops. I passed by this street almost every day for 1.5 years, but never noticed it. We found parking in the residential area. Service was prompt and friendly.

            Ordered the truffle edamame, american wagyu tataki, tuna poke nachos, saba, threesome roll, and deluxe chirashi. Everything was delicious overall with little gripes here and there. The edamame had more flavor than usual, but it more salty than that of truffle. Our order of wagyu tasted borderline overcooked. I liked the texture of the seaweed in the tuna poke nachos, but wasn't a fan of the sauce. The threesome roll was flavorful and refreshing. I don't feel like you can go wrong with saba anywhere. My favorite dish of the night had to be the deluxe chirashi. For the price point, variety, and quality, it was an absolute steal. Definitely coming back.

            P.S. Thank you to the server who called us to tell us my boyfriend forgot his credit card!

          • 800 N Point St
            San Francisco, CA 94109
            5.0 star rating
            • 1 check-in

            The boyfriend took me here for my 30th birthday. It was a nice, romantic, fine dining experience polar opposite of how I really celebrated that weekend. Definitely was the best way to pregame- a little classy before all the trashy. You only turn 30 once!

            We've had our share of several Michelin star establishments. All were delicious, but more than half the time, we still left feeling hungry. Not at Gary Danko though. The menu is arranged so that you have a choice of 3, 4, or 5 options. You can choose any number from any category like seafood or appetizer. We each chose the 5 course and tried a dish from each section. Most memorable items were the glazed oysters, roast maine lobster, and horseradish salmon. I was definitely more impressed with the cooked seafood dishes over the meats. Kevin regretted getting desert because he wasn't aware of the complimentary birthday treats for me which I actually enjoyed the most. It was an off the menu lilikoi cake. Still got my island flavor in a French restaurant.

            Valet is also very convenient considering Ghiradelli Square and Pier is around the corner. The food is excellent, portions are huge, drinks are strong, and service is so friendly.

          • 10151 Cabrillo Hwy N
            Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
            5.0 star rating
            • 1 check-in

            AYCE sushi that doesn't taste like cheap, left out all day in ice, at your local asian buffet spread. For what you pay, the quality is surprisingly pretty good. Must get the scallops, truffle salmon, and seared salmon. Keto? You can get all the sashimi you want. Not into raw fish? There's so many cooked items ranging from grilled to fried and even soups available. Picky kids? There's AYCE ice cream as well. Pregaming before the club? There's even an AYCE drink add on option. There's something for everyone

            Located in HMB off of Hwy 1 a few minutes past Pacifica. Easy, but dark drive at night. You can make reservations in advance. They even let you preorder if you have a large party; that way when you arrive, the food will come out sooner. They do not take your next round until all dishes are given from prior order. Service can be slow, but they're always friendly. The owner recommended to avoid saturday nights. Fridays and Sunday are slower which is true... given that we've went several different times to test this theory. You should too.

          • 5.0 star rating

            For my dirty 30 as a last hoorah before settling down, I wanted to go all out and do something I've never done before. And you know what I'm a virgin to? Party bus! I asked around and surprisingly, most of my friends have neither been on one or its been several years since. The club scene in SF def ain't what it use to be, but hey why not?

            So I researched on Yelp and contacted several companies. Think Escape had some of the highest and most reviews. I sent out to get a quote. Raj, the owner, had the quickest response, reasonable price, as well as a large bus to accommodate 30-40 ppl ... & that had the dance pole I wanted. They are no longer affiliated with clubs, but Raj was very helpful in suggesting an creating an itinerary for my birthday. I had hundreds of questions nearly everyday. I was getting ready to sign, but as I reviewed the contract, I found some rules to be unrealistic or tedious, although understandable. My grown party of adults could not promise me to follow them either. -__-

            Anyway, I found another bus company on Yelp that seemed just as good. Their contract seemed a little easier to stick to as well as being cheaper and having a bathroom on the bus. The deal breaker? They were inconsistent in communication and with less than 2 weeks to my event, I couldn't wait for no one. I threatened my friends to be on their behavior and reached out to Raj once more. I had a response in minutes and a bus still available. He explained the contract may look a little scary, but they're not out to get your deposit. Just don't break anything, make a mess, act a fool, and you'll be fine. As far as emailing and finalizing everything, communication was also very quick and easy with Raj's team. That type of service is priceless

            Finally, the night of the big event came. Our driver was Ronnie. Even though he was 7 minutes late, he promised that time back. Totally forgivable because Ronnie was the ish. Best driver and hype man. He had ice and water for us. We stopped in front of Hawthorn and they let us in no problem. Not all clubs allow party buses. We were suppose to go to the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point, but there was no time for that. My drunk ass fault lol. Ronnie took us to the Cupid' Span along the Embarcadero instead where we were able to get some pictures.

            It was one hell of a night that I'll never forget... for at least of the parts I do remember. Haha. Thank you Ronnie and Think Escape!

          • 1496 Old Bayshore Hwy
            Burlingame, CA 94010
            2.0 star rating
            • 4 check-ins

            I only come here because of the birthday coupon and its kevvys favorite restaurant. I've been here several times over the last couple of years and it's never a perfect experience. I see management and staff argue a lot. I've heard screaming matches in the back. A lot of their young staff seem incompetent, nonchalant, and definitely don't wanna be there. Just pay your dues. We've all had part time jobs we hated

            I decided to surprise kevvy and chose to have my 30th birthday dinner here. I made reservations for 3 at 5:30. I checked in and received our buzzer. We saw plenty of parties arriving after us. It was already past 6pm. 2 elderly couples and a family of 4 arrived after us close to 6. I overheard the father in a party of 4 checking in for 6pm reservations. Our buzzer went off and the hostess told us to stand on the side. It was our party of 3, the family of 4, and the other 2 couples. We were so confused who was suppose to be seated. Kevin had to ask the other host what happened because all those people arrived after us and were seated first. He asked for my name and he said I had a party of 8. I showed him my reservation and it obviously said 3. His reaction was "omg I don't know what the F she did" He tried to ask her and she just waived it off and rolled her eyes like she didn't make a mistake. At this point, kevvy is getting hungry, and I'm getting upset about to use the race card because it was a full caucasian table seated before us with later reservations. Another group of asians had been waiting about the same time as us as well. The manager intervened and sat us next but the hostess who made a mistake had a really bad attitude and literally threw the menus at us. Kevvy was shocked by her behavior. The waiter we had was really nice, but he ended up spilling the hot soup on Kevin. We were so over it from earlier, he just let it go. He also got our sushi roll incorrect. We figured he's probably new in a place that probably has a high turn over so we'll forgive that. Plus he gave us an extra ice cream. However, the patron next to me kept reminding him she's allergic to mushrooms, but he still served her it. And she wasn't just benadryl claritin clearing allergic, this was more like anaphylactic shock epi-pen allergic. Another waiter came over to give her a new soup and the chef cooked the mushrooms last.

            1 star for complimentary valet. These guys are usually friendly and fast at getting cars parked and picked up

            1 star for chef & food. Always a fun show for the kids. I look forward to the onion volcano, flying shrimp tails, and beating fried rice heart. The food is pretty standard. I'm not the biggest fan of the mushroom soup or salad, but it fills you up waiting for the show. Can't really mess up Asian fried rice unless you can't cook rice. My filet was cooked medium rare just like I asked. Kevvy asked for medium but it was cooked well. I'm assuming he saw a little kid and didn't wanna give him raw meat, but he's a growing 11 year old who likes his pink meat and sashimi. I did appreciate the chef leaving the fat on the steak. They usually trim it off.

            Tonight's experience just killed my 30th birthday dinner with my family. Now we know better to just drive down to Japantown next time if Kevvy wants Benihanas.

            Comment from Lee C. of Benihana
            Business Employee
            7/16/2019 Jennifer, On behalf of our team here at Benihana we would like to sincerely apologize for the… Read more
          • 582 San Bruno Ave W
            San Bruno, CA 94066
            3.0 star rating

            Slow service. I thought that they were still killing the cow & pig back in the kitchen. We arrived at 6. Our order was taken at 615. We didn't get our food til almost 7pm. We ordered the lechon, kare kare, and crispy dinuguan. We didn't even get our rice until we had to remind them. If I was at 上海快3走势图 making those dishes from scratch, I'd understand the long wait, but the lechon was already in the back corner of the store getting chopped up. The skin was not crispy at all. I guess because it was already dinner time and might have been roasted on early in the day. The meat in the dinuguan was overcooked. The oxtail in the kare kare could have been cooked more. It didn't taste like real peanut butter was used.

            The only reason why I'm not giving it less than 3 stars is because I've been here prior to this one night. Maybe on better nights? That and I ordered different dishes. The bangus sisig & crispy binogoongan is good. Pancit taste like pancit anywhere you go.

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